Chocolate & Tea Pairing


Around the world with
chocolate and tea

The 8th July 2017 event has Sold Out.  For our next journey around the world with chocolate and tea, please drop your details to and you will be on our priority list.

Brought to you by Sue Lewis Chocolatier in collaboration with Teassential Tea Store and Brew Bar.

A moment to your self, a moment shared with someone else, a gift, a pass time, a ritual to the night or a salute to the morning; We understand tea plays a unique part to the occasions of one’s daily life. It’s no secret we at Teassential have a passion in sharing our philosophy for brewing happiness, found in the perfect cup of tea.

So in that moment when you’re pouring black tea in your favourite cup or sipping green tea with your favourite pastry – we hope you’re brewing your own kind of happiness too.